Links for Modular Home Factories with floorplans suitable for the California Market

Welcome to the floorplans page. The first thing you are noticing, if you have been surfing for plans at all, is their absence on this page. This is not an accident.  We are providing links below to the modular factory sites that we feel have excellent choices of tfloorplans that we can have built in California by local factories, for your project.  These are all factories that we are personally familiar with, and like what they have to offer.  And don't forget, these plans are a starting point for you, and modifications and changes are normal to the process.  As you see plans you like, let us know the factory and model number, and we can begin to secure pricing for you thru California Factories we have a working relationship with, and best of all....
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Guerdon Modular Buildings
Irontown Homes
Barvista Homes

Genesis Homes
(TIP--with Genesis Homes site, look at product listed for each of the Far Western States, not just California.  Will give you a much broader selection of plans to look at)
This is where the difference between us and our competitors becomes a plus for you, as a homebuyer. 
-As a builder/developer using factory built homes in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1992, we have had occasion to check out every factory that has provded product in California, both from factories still in business, and some that are not.
-Since every application of product has been residential sited, we have had ample time to see what the factories really can provide for the California market.
-We have considerable experience,  as to design modifications and options offered, quality of workmanship, actual customer service provided, and last but not least, where are best values for money spent.
-With 50% of our production as developer product, we understand how important time and cost control are.  A developer makes their money when the home sells, and getting there quickly and on budget make all the difference.
-Get a head start on your project by taking advantage of our learning curve within the industry.